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HEMA Celje 2017

16th - 17th September 2017



Conditions regarding safety and equipment

Participants must have adequate equipment to join the activities of the event.

Clothes and footware should be adapted for indoor use. No outdoor footware allowed in the gym.

We shall use wooden, synthetic or metal simulators of historical weapons. Sharp simulators and/or decorative weapons are not allowed.

Protective equipment is highly recommended (masks, groin protection, breast protection, gloves etc)

The event shall be recorded and photos taken. If you do not wish to appear on the recordings, please let us know (write it as a comment in the Registration Form)

Dangerous or careless behaviour will be stopped immediately, the perpetrator shall be banned from all activities at the event without refund.

Instructors and the organising staff will be entitled to judge behaviour of the participants.

Information about the fee

The fee varies according to your choice regarding the accommodation. The final sum is influenced by the extra night.

The basic fee includes taking part in all the classes, accommodation (Friday 15th and Saturday 16th September with departure on Sunday 17th September), the Saturday dinner, lunch on Saturday and Sunday and the welcome pack.

The basic fee is 130€ (valid for those who submit their registration by 15th August 2017).


If you want to organize your accommodation by yourself, the basic fee amounts to 100€.

A one-day fee is 60€, but this includes only the workshops that day and the lunch.

Extra night (Sunday 17th Sept to Monday 18th Sept) costs 15€.

In case of cancellation of your attendance there will be no refund.


Registration to HEMA Celje 2017 does NOT include any kind of insurance. 

The attendants take part in official activities of HEMA Celje 2017 do so at their own risk.


By submiting the registration form you book your place at the event; however, it will only be confirmed after we receive your payment. Without the payment your place at the event is not confirmed.

Please, complete the payment by a bank transfer, we cannot accept cash.

IBAN:  SI56 6100 0000 4923 194 (with Delavska hranilnica, d.d.,  Miklošičeva 5, 1000 Ljubljana)


Account holder: HEMA zveza Slovenije

Address of the acc. holder: Pšatnik 21, 1211 Ljubljana, Slovenija

Purpose of payment: HEMA Celje 2017

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@hema-celje.si

If the Registration Form was submitted successfully, the website will issue a confirmation on your screen. 

In case there was no screen confirmation after you submitted the form, please get in touch with us at info@hema-celje.si

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Hereby I agree to have read and understood the terms and conditions, as well as information regarding the event HEMA Celje 2017 (16th-17th September 2017). I confirm my attendance at the workshops and the Saturday Dinner. I will pay the organisers the total sum by Bank Transfer. I am aware that my registration does not include any insurance. I am taking part in official activities of HEMA Celje 2017 at my own risk. *
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