About the instructors

We are glad to have a number of experienced and renowned instructors teaching at HEMA Celje 2017.

Needless to write, bios and class descriptions will be added.

However, let us just put a few names down right here (the list is not final!):

Martin Fabian, Bratislavský šermiarsky spolok  – longsword, rapier

Ties Kool, Historisch Vrijvechten Nederland - singlestick

Gregor Medvešek, Schola pugnatoria – ringen

Elias Flatscher – ringen

Luca Dazi, Sala d'arme Achille Marozzo - sidesword

Alen Lovrič, Academia artis dimicatoriae –longsword

Jerca Primc, Canne klub Kamnik – walking cane

Roman Vučajnk, Academia artis dimicatoriae – quarterstaff, one-handed weapons


This year, we also present Dr. Špela Šalamon, Schola pugnatoria, our own HEMA Health authority, who helps us practice HEMA in safe and less painfull ways.


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