Internationally renowned instructors from Slovenia and abroad will hold workshops at HEMA Celje 2017, based on results of their research, knowledge and martial experience.

In addition to workshops and demonstrations there will be a sparring area available at all times.

Many instructors will gladly answer to HEMA related question in a practical way. Some of the instructors are already onboard to hold a HEMA clinic at the event. A set number of 20 mins slots will be available to those registered participants, who would like to work on a specific problem with a chosen instructor. 

Certain features of HEMA Celje 2017 are open to all, who wish to learn more about HEMA. The staff will gladly answer to queries.


Who can join the event?

Everyone is invited to HEMA Celje 2017.

Practitioners of HEMA - beginners and advanced – and everyone who is interested to learn more about our rich martial heritage. 

Due to security reasons, the workshops are limited to registered participants. The workshops are intended for the participants to better their martial skills; therefore we will ask the audience to watch the workshops without interrupting them. Especially in cases, when instructors will ask for some peace and quiet. Acknowledging this rule, you are most welcome to watch any workshop at the event.


Due to the international character of HEMA Celje 2017, the workshops will be held in English.


The registered participants of HEMA Celje 2017 have an opportunity to stay at Hostel DIC, our usual provider of accommodation,

Keep in mind that you can take advantage of many other accommodation options in Ljubljana, should you choose to do so.


Saturday dinner is yet another regular custom for registered participants of the event.

The fee varies according to your choice regarding the accommodation.

The basic fee includes: 
- taking part in all the classes, 
- accommodation  (form Friday 15th and Saturday 16th September with departure on Sunday 17th September, with a possibility of extra night for those who leave on Monday 18th), 
- lunch on Saturday and Sunday,
- Saturday dinner,
- the welcome pack.


The basic fee is 130€ (valid for those who submit their registration by 15th August 2017).

If you want to organize your accommodation by yourself, the basic fee amounts to 100€.


A one-day fee is 60€, but this includes only the workshops that day and lunch.


Extra night (Sunday 17th Sept to Monday 18th Sept) costs 15€.

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